Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Math Calendar in Ms. Simonelli's 2nd Grade Class

In Middleton Elementary Schools, teachers are using Calendar Math in their math classes.  This is a great math program to support our Math In Focus curriculum.  It enriches daily math instruction, reinforces core concepts, and provides immediate differentiation in 10-15 minutes a day.

I had a chance to observe Ms. Simonelli and her 2nd grade students using the Math Calendar. She has the calendar projected on her Smartboard Interactive Whiteboard.  The students and Ms. Simonelli can move and interact with the numbers and the shapes to review math concepts.

September Math Calendar

Ms. Simonelli modeling a concept for her student

 Students work on different math concepts by moving the coins.  They also, complete math problems.

Students have several papers that they complete as they work through the day's concepts.  As a student works on the Smartboard, the rest of the class completes the math problems in this packet.

Samples of student work.  

Math Calendar is a great tool for differentiation.  During this lesson, a student struggled with his even numbers.  Ms. Simonelli had her class sing "The Even and Odd Numbers" song.  What a great chance to revisit this concept!

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