Thursday, December 31, 2015

Access to new emails

This is a message for my coworkers in Middleton.

We have become a "Google Apps for Education" school!  (Que the applause!)

We have so much to learn, and this blog will be focused on the amazing tech integration and student learning that is happening in our schools with GAFE.

First, teachers need to access their new Gmail account.  Our email address will remain the same.

*  Go to

*  Your username is your school email address.

*  Your <initial> password is the password that the students use to log in at school.  I gave it to teachers during FM staff meeting, and during Team Time at HM.  You can private message me or email me at school to get the initial password.

*  You will be prompted to change your password to one that you want.  Your password MUST be at least 8 letters and or characters.

Please do not use Outlook for email anymore.

Click the picture below for Google resources

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hour of Code 2015 was founded in 2013 with the mission to provide access to computer science coding and programming to students of all backgrounds. The Hour of Code was created as a worldwide event to encourage all students across the world to engage in just one hour of code - to help inspire and spread access to computer science programming.

Click the picture below watch a video on "Hour of Code"

 During the week of December 7-11, 2015, students in Middleton participated in the Hour of Code.

Click the picture below watch a video of our Middleton Students participate in the Hour of Code.