Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sailing Through Space

Students in Mrs. Jones’ science classes have been learning about SPACE.  Everything from the planets in our solar system and dwarf planets to comets and the Kuiper Belt, these students sure did become experts. The essential question that was posed to the students is:

What are the physical attributes of planets and comets?

Each student chose a planet to research.  At the beginning of the unit, students had a scavenger hunt around the classroom to learn facts about space.  They had fun moving from one area to another as they recorded their facts.  

Scavenger Hunt of facts about space.

Students used laptops to conduct their research.  They were given a packet to complete that included each planet in our solar system.  Then, they focused on their chosen planet and filled in as much information that they could find.

Research on planets.
There were two projects that the students made at the end of their research.  One project was to create a presentation for their classmates. They had a choice of many projects: creating a brochure, poster board, write a poem, play or short story, make a model, conduct an interview or be a newscaster, create a wanted poster, write a song, or create a digital presentation.  With so many project options, students were sure to find one that allows them to utilize their strengths and creativity. This activity builds public speaking skills and allows for the entire class to learn a bit about all of the planets.

Project presentation

Some students presented their project to our School Committee and several parents.

Another project that the students created was to report on an assigned object in space and make a video using the apps “Green Screen” by Do Ink and iMovie. Check out the movies below:

Mrs. Deeley’s Homeroom Video

Mrs. Jones’ Homeroom Video

Ms. Brown’s Homeroom Video


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

TenMarks Math Program

Our Math Curriculum Specialist, Mary Pelrine, has been teaching our students and staff how to use the math program, TenMarks.  

“[TenMarks] partners with schools and districts to drive an integrated model of powerful [math] curriculum and instruction, supported by technology and 1:1 personalization. [They] accomplish this with a content-driven technology strategy, focusing on 3 core areas.”

Click here for more information about TenMarks.

Mrs. Pelrine begins each lesson with a brief description of the TenMarks program and how to access it on our iPads.  Students are given a username and password and learn how to access their assignment.  There are several features that enhance the program where students have space to show their work, get hints and/or watch a video if they don’t understand the type or problem, or just need review.

Students then got busy working on their math.  Their excitement grew with each problem and when they finished, they received their score.  Students are asked to go back and make corrections on the problems that they missed.  They gladly reviewed these problems to get a better score.

Students working on TenMarks