Wednesday, April 8, 2015

TenMarks Math Program

Our Math Curriculum Specialist, Mary Pelrine, has been teaching our students and staff how to use the math program, TenMarks.  

“[TenMarks] partners with schools and districts to drive an integrated model of powerful [math] curriculum and instruction, supported by technology and 1:1 personalization. [They] accomplish this with a content-driven technology strategy, focusing on 3 core areas.”

Click here for more information about TenMarks.

Mrs. Pelrine begins each lesson with a brief description of the TenMarks program and how to access it on our iPads.  Students are given a username and password and learn how to access their assignment.  There are several features that enhance the program where students have space to show their work, get hints and/or watch a video if they don’t understand the type or problem, or just need review.

Students then got busy working on their math.  Their excitement grew with each problem and when they finished, they received their score.  Students are asked to go back and make corrections on the problems that they missed.  They gladly reviewed these problems to get a better score.

Students working on TenMarks

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