Thursday, June 11, 2015

MTI - 562 Assignment - Tech Problems

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Our assignment for my online class, MTI - 562, is to blog about a tech problem that I have experienced as a teacher.  I know that this topic is meant to discuss technical issues that we face in our school.  I'd say that my biggest obstacles center around iPads.  To begin with, we don't have as many iPads that we need to have all of our teachers using this technology.  I am working with teachers to use several iPad apps to create projects with the students in all subject areas.   A full cart of iPads is needed for me to teach a whole class activity and scheduling these is difficult.  Other teachers are using several iPads for their centers or remediation activities which leaves my full cart not so full.  My other problem with the iPads is that they don't get updated often enough and when they do get updated, there are issues with the update.  Sometimes the entire cart doesn't get updated and the IT guys don't catch it.  Right now, I'm currently unable to email projects easily off of the iPads which is a major problem for me.  I have to set up Gmail on each iPad every single time I use them.  This process takes a long time and is very frustrating.

Although it's not actually a tech related problem, one major issue that I face as a Digital Learning Specialist is helping teachers get over the mindset that tech integration is just "Another thing on their plate."  Technology needs to be viewed as a positive enhancement for our lessons.  A challenge that most teachers face when using technology is adapting and designing technology-enhanced curricula to meet the students' needs.  We have to ask ourselves "What does technology offer my students in terms of developing concepts and content?"  "How does it help them carry out processes such as inquiry, collaboration, and problem solving?"  And, "How can we use technology to develop authentic learning?"


  1. It is definitely a battle to get teachers to understand that using technology is not just another thing they have to do, but a great way to get your students to create and learn by doing. Most teachers, like myself, start by using technology as a fun tool that simply replaces something that they did without technology. It doesn't necessarily enhance learning, it is just a shiny new substitute for something that has been done before. Learning how to create authentic learning experiences using technology is a huge step, and it can take a little time. Once a teacher sees how technology can put a student's education in their own hands, they can never go back to a classroom without technology.

  2. I love Andy's suggestion of using tech for daily activities--like timing a test or recording questions or using a QR code with test answers. Stuff that you'd do anyway, but tech makes it faster.

    I had fun going through your older posts. What a great collection of activities you have!

  3. Using technology as often as you can is an excellent plan. Start with the "substitution" stage to get comfortable with the process. Once teachers see that they are learning the tools and start seeing their students come to life in their classrooms, they will take it to the next level.