Monday, December 5, 2016

Seesaw Portfolios in 2nd Grade

Students in Mrs. Mulligan's class are using the program "Seesaw" to create a digital portfolio of their work.

Students working on math problems

What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a multimedia journal that empowers students to showcase what they’re learning at school.

Throughout the school year, Seesaw builds an organized, digital portfolio of each student’s learning, accessible by teacher, student and parent.

Seesaw also keeps parents in the loop by giving them a real-time, personalized glimpse into their child’s school day.  (Source)

I had the opportunity to work with Jarek who showed me how he saves his schoolwork into his Seesaw portfolio.  First, he worked on a few math problems and some challenges.  Once he completed his work, he logged into his Seesaw account using an iPad.  He scanned his class' QR Code which opened up his class.  He then clicked on his personal folder and set it up to make a video.  The students use the video feature to record their mathematical thinking.  Once Jarek completed his video explanation, he uploaded it to his folder.

Jarek let me see all of the entries in his Seesaw folder.  He had entries from each class, showing pictures, stories, drawings, and videos.  There was even a photo from a science lab that he and his classmates participated in, where he wrote his predictions on the actual picture.  The really nice thing that I saw was messages from his mom on his work.  Jarek was most proud of that!

Jarek's Seesaw Portfolio
Once Jarek was finished, he was free to help another student with her recording.  Jarek held the iPad to video the student, while she explained her work.  This is "Partner Work" and is done frequently in Mrs. Mulligan's class.

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