Thursday, January 19, 2017

Google Read & Write

Students in Middleton have been introduced to the Google Chrome app, "Google Read & Write".  Read & Write supports student literacy and writing through technology.  There are many features in this program that benefit students by improving reading and writing confidence.

In computer class, students in 3rd - 6th grade were introduced to the highlighting tool.  This tool allows students to highlight text, either in a Google Document or on a website, and capture those highlights into a new Google Doc.  The information that is captured is also cited.  This feature is great for research.  While showing students this feature, we were able to have another discussion about plagiarism.                                  

Google Read & Write Toolbar

Features include:
  • Read Aloud with dual-color highlighting
  • Translator
  • Talking and Picture Dictionaries
  • Fact Finder
  • Study Skills highlighters and Collect highlights
  • Vocabulary List Builder to create a list of highlighted words with text definitions and images.
  • Annotation tools (PDF and ePub)
  • Navigation tools (PDF and ePub)


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