Friday, April 14, 2017

Trip through the Solar System

Students in Mrs. Jones’ science classes have been learning about SPACE.  Everything from the planets in our solar system and dwarf planets to comets and the Kuiper Belt, these students sure did become experts. The essential question that was posed to the students is:

What are the physical attributes of planets and comets?

Each student chose a planet to research.  At the beginning of the unit, students had a scavenger hunt around the classroom to learn facts about space.  They had fun moving from one area to another as they recorded their facts.  Then, they completed research.  Students used Google Docs to type their report and summarized it for their presentation.

Students used their research information to create a presentation using the apps “Green Screen” by Do Ink and iMovie. Check out the movies below:

Mrs. Deeley's Homeroom

Mrs. Jones' Homeroom

Ms. Keenan's Homeroom

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