Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Skyping in 2nd Grade

Fuller Meadow 2nd Graders have been meeting some new friends.

Skype is a way of connecting with other classes through a video feed on line.  Two classrooms arrange to call each other on Skype with the goal of guessing the location of the other classroom by asking strategic questions.  It's a great way to learn geography, languages, history, science...even mathematics.  Mystery Skype is a way of connecting with other classes by making it a game.

In Mrs. Kennedy's class, students visited Hoover, Alabama for a "Mystery Number" Skype with a three-digit number.  Each class alternates in questioning the other class and asks Yes or No questions.  For a Mystery Number Skype, students ask each other questions to determine the numeral for each place value.  They start with the hundred's place, then the ten's place, and finally the one's place.  Questions included mathematical vocabulary such as greater than and less than, odd and even, more or less.

Mrs. Kennedy's 2nd grade class participating in a "Mystery Number" Skype

In Mrs. Mulligan's class, students "traveled" to Indiana for a Mystery Skype.  Students were organized into different groups.  The "Greeters" introduced their class and teacher to the other class.  The "Questioners" stood up and asked the other class Yes or No questions that included questions like "Are you west of the Mississippi River?"  After the question is asked, all students use their US map to cross off the states that are eliminated by the question that was answered.  If the students have additional questions, the "Researchers" have resources such as iPads and a larger map to do more investigation. They share their findings with the class.  The Researchers also share facts about their own state to the other class after the activity is done.  After this is complete, the "Closers" say a final goodbye and both classes wave cheerfully.  All of the students were very organized and enthusiastic.

Check out the video below to witness their journey.

Mystery Skype Mrs. Mulligan's Class from Dierdre Baker on Vimeo.

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