Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chatterpix in Social Studies

Students in Mrs. Kennedy's 2nd grade class have been exploring the topic "People We Depend On". Discussions in class lead to public service workers such as police, fire, military and medical personnel, as well as family members whom they depend on.

Each child chose one member of society to write about and created a paper figure of that person then made that figure "talk" through the app "Chatterpix."

Using Chatterpix, students used an iPad to take a picture of their figure, create a mouth, read their description of the job that this person does, type their name on the picture and email it to their teacher.
Mrs. Kennedy assists students in creating their Chatterpix

Watch Mrs. Kennedy's class' Chatterpix project:  "People We Depend On"

Massachusetts Standards for Grade 2 Social Studies

2.7 Give examples of fictional characters or real people in the school or community who admirable (e.g., honesty, dependability, modesty, trustworthiness, courage).

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