Friday, October 30, 2015

Third graders take a trip to Nebraska

Today, Mrs. Cleveland's third grade students had the opportunity to have a Google Hangout with a Mrs. Laucomer's fourth graders in Nebraska.  This was their first time "meeting" another class through Skype or Google Hangouts.

Each class introduced their teacher, class, school, town, and state.  We are always so proud to say that we are the home of the 2015 Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots.

It was fun to see our new friends wearing their Halloween costumes in school.  We discussed the differences in each state, including the time difference.

But, what everyone was the most interested in, was discussing our Global Read Aloud book, Fish in a Tree.  Students shared their favorite characters and why, made analogies as to why two characters feel like "A lobster playing tennis" when they read, and text to self connections.  Everyone was so engaged in this process and excited to talk about our book.  We will continue to "meet" up with our new friends, even after the Global Read Aloud is finished.

Our new friends are from Nebraska

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