Monday, October 12, 2015

Ten Marks Math Program

Students are Fuller Meadow and Howe Manning Elementary have been introduced to the Ten Marks program this year.  With our math curriculum specialist, Mary Pelrine, teachers and students have been trained to use this program.

 “TenMarks, an Amazon Company, is grounded in educational research. TenMarks Math is an engaging math program for students in grade 1 through high school. Within the program, designed from the ground up for the new standards, teachers select assignments to meet each student's learning needs. Students are also in the driver's seat as they select the core math skills to work on in "Jam Sessions". TenMarks Math is founded on the principle that with immediate feedback and just-in-time instructional assistance, students have a greater chance of developing deeper conceptual understanding, leading to better outcomes.”  (Source:  Amazon)

Ten Marks works in four ways - Prepares and Instructs our students, allows the teacher to Reinforce and Intervene, Assess and Differentiate, and Engage and Motivate.

Before the students work with the program, teachers set up assignments for their students based on the Common Core Math Standards that they are working on.  A teacher can assign problems and when the student logs in, they can work on those problems.  Then, the program will automatically grade their work, giving the student immediate feedback on their progress.  During the assignment, the student has access to a video tutorial and three hints to help them.  The program will adjust the difficulty depending on how the student is doing.  This tool is called an "amplifier" and will allow the student some flexibility and success. Once the student is finished, the program will set up additional problems to differentiate their work.

I had the chance to help Mrs. Cleveland introduce her students to the Ten Marks program.  She set up some assignments for "rounding" and "place value" and the students worked on it.  Mrs. Cleveland showed the students how to log in, start their work, and access the tools to help them.  Her students also had a chance to explore the "Jam Sessions".The Jam Sessions allow students to practice math skills in a game-like area.  The students had a great time using Ten Marks.

Mrs. Cleveland and her students using Ten Marks.

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