Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mystery Skype

Fourth graders in Mrs. Deeley's classes had the great opportunity of participating in a "Mystery Skype".  With a connection through the Global Read Aloud and Twitter, students met with students from the Middletons!  Yes, Middleton, Massachusetts met Middleton, Wisconsin.

During a "Mystery Skype", students work together to guess where the other class lives.  They are given a map, markers, paper, and sticky notes to come up with a set of questions based on the map.  Students work together to try to pinpoint where the others are from by asking yes and no questions; similar to the game "20 Questions).

They start out with trying to figure out which hemisphere they are on, then which continent, then which state.  Using geographic features, such as oceans, rivers, lakes, and other countries, students begin to narrow in on the location.  They start big and get smaller with each question.

Each class takes turns asking questions and the fun escalates as they get it right.

Mrs. Deeley's students worked hard to determine that Mrs. Autz's class is from Wisconsin. They cheered extra loudly when they found out that their town is named the same thing!

Here are some pictures from our "visit" -

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